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Scenario 5:
Just say no. Medication is a question that is strictly between you and your child's physician. The school district cannot require a child to take a controlled substance as a condition of attending school or being evaluated for or receiving special education1. Many of the ADD/ADHD medications, such as Dexedrine, Ritalin, Adderall, Vyanse and Concerta are stimulants and thus controlled substances. If the school is adamant and will not back off of this demand, the you should request a due process hearing.

120 U.S.C. 1412(a)(25), 34 CFR § 300.174, 8 NYCRR § 200.4(b)(9)
The school is putting a lot of pressure on me to give my son a medication such as Ritalin to control his hyperactivity. Do I have to do this?
What are my options?
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