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Scenario 1:
My child cannot seem to sit still or focus on what is going on in class. He has a hard time finishing many of  his homework assignments. What are my options?
Scenario 2:
My child, who has an IEP, is acting out in class. His teacher has told me that we have to do something about his conduct. What are my options?
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Parent Scenarios:
Scenario 3:
My child has passing grades, I was told that makes him ineligible for an IEP? What are my options?
My child was doing very well with using a checklist to get his work done in school. The school wants to do away with this support so he can attain a greater level of independence. What are my options?
Scenario 4:
Scenario 5:
The school is putting a lot of pressure on me to give my son a medication such as Ritalin to control his hyperactivity. Do I have to do this?. What are my options?
Scenario 6:
My son has an IEP but I have decided to put him in a private school which specializes in teaching children with learning disabilities. I thought that his home school district was responsible for his transportation to school and then back home. We live 40 miles from the private school The school district said it will not provide my son with transportation.. What are my options?
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