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Special Schools:
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There are many schools that specialize in one or more disabilities that affect a child's ability to learn.  Parents often try to have their child placed in such a school either at the expense of the local school district, at their own expense in the hopes of, usually through litigation or the threat of litigation, reimbursement from the local school district, or simply at their own expense. The listings below reflect each school's characterization of its focus. No endorsement of any of the schools mentioned below is intended.
The Kildonan School Dyslexia: Amenia, NY
The Gow School Dyslexia and related language based learning disabilities: South Wales, NY
Eagle Hill School Language-based learning disabilities: Greenwich, CT
Windward School Language-based learning disabilities: White Plains, NY
The Forman School Identified learning differences: Litchfield, CT
The Carroll School Language-based learning disabilities: Waltham, MA
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