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Some Basics in Special Education
Basics 1:
My child has academic and/or behavioral trouble in school. A friend told me that he may be a "child with a disability" and that he may need and be entitled to "special education". Comment
Basics 2:
I have heard that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 may be relevant for my child who has a disability. Comment
Basics 3:
Basics 4:
My son has ADD/ADHD. Doesn't that mean that he should be entitled to an IEP (individualized education program) or at least accommodations under Section 504? Comment
What are the relevant laws and regulations that I should know about in the area of special education? Comment
Basics 5:
The IEP for my older child is totally unsatisfactory, and the school district says my younger child is not disabled and will not even give her an IEP (individualized education program). Can I appeal these decisions?  Comment
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Basics 6:
The IEP my child has is not adequate and I have been trying to get the school to make necessary changes. They have not done so. Can I obtain reimbursement from the local school district if I place my son in a private school? Comment